Chispa the Poodle Plushie
Chispa the Poodle Plushie
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Chispa the Poodle Plushie

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Snuggle up with Chispa the Poodle Plushie! This cuddly pup will have you feeling like you just got the best hug from a real poodle. Crafted with soft, fluffy fabric, Chispa is as snuggly as they come! (C'mon - don't fight the urge!)

Details of the Plushies:


Made from super soft materials for supreme squish

♡  They will all be safety tested for the USA

 Faces will be embroidered on  ♡

 Astm safety tested but best suitable for age 15+ as it’s a collectors toy  

In a lush grassy field lies a farm which serves as a sanctuary for any and all plushies who have lost their way or found themselves unloved and without a family. Here is where many beloved characters make their home and perform their favorite hobbies and pastimes.

Meet Chispa the Poodle, who can often be found sleeping, being small, and feeling scared. She loves cuddling and taking naps but she is a snorer! She is frightful and barks when she gets scared. She is also a mischievous little snack thief. Chispa loves to watch scary movies and to snack on her favorite food which is surf and turf.

Chispa is an adorable addition to the world of poodle plushies. Her appeal goes beyond that of an ordinary poodle stuffed animal as she embodies the cuddly vibes of these appealing creatures.

Chispa’s lovable presence and endearing demeanor make her a unique poodle plushie that stands out whether you are seeking comfort or a buddy to cuddle. Chispa the Poodle plush is here to accompany you on your journey no matter your destination. Embrace her sweet and lovely vibe and add this extraordinary poodle plush to your collection today.

You two will have POODLES of fun together!

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