Yema Bag, Jolene Plushie , Fluffy Pull over, Basura Gang mascot keychains

My name is Mariela Camacho and I am a Kawaii Chicana artist and designer.

Basura Gang is an alternative fashion brand that is inspired by Japanese mascot culture mixed with Hispanic culture. We have our own cast of characters that are canonically plushies that come to life that are featured on our designs. Creating plushies, pins, jewelry, car decals, hats, apparel, bags, and home accessories.

Photo on the side has examples of many of our products.

You can find more of my Basura Gang art on my instagram at https://www.instagram.com/basuragang

Multiple styles of Basura Gang stickers sheets, Jolene earmuffs, Jolene and Flor plushie bags

Some examples of what the Basura Gang spot looks like in two booths, one booth and on a table. Also inlcudes the photo op we made with our custom Jolene mascot and me wearing our Jolene merch! You can shop a variety of our products: plushies, apparel, bags, pins, stickers, blankets.

Basura Gang Mascot Hats, Basura gang Tote and Sun hat, Basura Gang OC's charms, Mascot Hair Clips

Loteria Collection

Being first gen Mexican-American and growing up watching Spanish dubbed anime like DBZ I wanted to make some designs that incorporate anime and Mexican Culture. Loteria, which is a Mexican bingo game is super popular and others who grew up playing the same game love seeing it at cons to represent our culture!

Jolene Yema and Maxolotl Clown Plushies

Basura Gang Character Plushies

Basura Gang Rainbow Bag

OC's at the farm Illustration

First appearance of Jolene the cow

Jolene cow earrings

Collection of Basura Gang items. All items pictured are of our Mexican inspired Mascots, many of which have names in Spanish! I love incorporating aspects of Mexican heritage into my art! I love sharing these designs with people in person because it shows that anyone can be kawaii and fills a void of Chicano art in the kawaii-art community.


knit sweater and claw clip

Ferrish wheel earrings

Ita Backpacks

Wedding Plushies

Tote and Sticker